Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series PART 2… FINALLY!

Wow! You may recall that a while back I FINALLY was able to get my iMac working. I spent several days on the phone with Apple Support and was able to fix a lot of issues I had been having. There were multiple issues but basically the thing just wasn't working right. With issue after issue I just walked away from it and stopped using it. It was the computer I used for my blog and for editing videos… so after that my ability was limited. As far as videos were concerned… I was done. I had no way of uploading and editing videos. I had actually already made a video on the Cricut Expression 2. I absolutely love Cricut Craft Room, but I also realize that not everyone has access to a computer or even wants to work that way. I made a video and divided it up into three parts. I was able to successfully upload the first one. However… thats as far as I got. At least… till I got my iMac working. While sorting through the files and deleting junk… I found the other videos.

If you watch my CCR videos… You'll notice that they are somewhat outdated. I taped them when there was a previous version of the software. The E2 video doesn't rely on any software on the computer so it is still very relevant.

So here it is… FINALLY!!!!

Cricut Expression 2 Video Series - #2 The Basics (Part 2)

I hope it's helpful. I appreciate your patience. :)

Part 3 will be uploaded soon. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Free Images - CCR Exclusives, 3D Lanterns

Wow! Happy November! Can you believe that October is over? It flew by. I don't know where you guys are but we had our first glimpse of snow here in Southern Indiana. Halloween we had a mix of sleet and hail and then later had flakes. They didn't do much. But still… scary sight. I don't like the cold and the stuff that comes with it. LOL

So this weeks Free Images is another one that I'm not super excited about. I knew two things… I didn't have a lot of time this week… and that since I wasn't super excited about the 3D Lanterns that I probably wouldn't be making one.

But I still want to share the possibilities with you. Because although my initial response was… eh… it's mainly because there doesn't appear to be many options with this one. Maybe how you display them is where some creativity can play in. And maybe you will love it. So lets at least look at some of what is out there.

This is the first image that I came across that really caught my eye. This is by Beth Denton. I found this on Pinterest. She doesn't have a blog but she has a Cricut board and some others that I am now following. Check her out.

Here's another by Beth. She's using tracing paper. 

There weren't very many. But here is another that I found. She used black card stock and vellum. These are by Golden Leaf Scrapbook. Check out her blog. Or click on the images below to go straight to her 3D Lanterns post.  

That's pretty much all you get on a quick search. Of course here is what the images actually look like although both of the above projects I found they used all the images. 

Hope you all enjoy this weeks free images. I'm ready to look into some new Cricut Craft Room videos. Maybe even play with Design Space a little more… except that will just increase my desire to buy the Cricut Explore… I WANT ONE!!!! LOL

If you come up with something cool with the 3D Lanterns let me know. I'd love to see some interesting takes on this one. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recap: Cricut Craft Room Video Series

So I was looking over some of my past videos to remind myself what I have done and what I could do. Man... Cricut Craft Room has changed so much. It's fun to look back to where it started and how far it's come. The videos are still useful... but it's time to do a total update. So many things have changed. It's hard to believe that I have 11 videos on CCR. Here is a link to my YouTube channel and the Playlist for this video series. 

I actually covered quite a few topics. Here are the topics

If you have any questions on any of these videos feel free to comment here or on the video. I FINALLY was able to get my iMac up and running again. So now I have the ability to start making videos again. I'm hoping that all the issues I was having with iMovie were fixed with the fixes the wonderful Apple tech Andrew helped me with. Over 6 hours of tech support with Andrew. He was amazing and his dedication to helping me get my iMac working has renewed my belief in Apple products. (LOL... sorry... random insert about Apple)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Weeks Free Cut - Zombie Cartridge

Well... last week I shared the FREE CUT of the week with you and the sign that I made using it. I had planned on making something each week and sharing it with you. So when Wednesday came I was excited to see what the free images were this week. Well... It's now Tuesday and I still have't done anything with it. The truth is... I'm just not overly fond of the images. So I haven't been able to come up with any ideas.

First of all... Here are the images. Click on the pic to take you to the digital handbook

About the closest thing I could come up with was using the last symbol to make napkin rings for a zombie party. LOL. 

So I decided to see if I could find anything on other blogs to share with you. Wow... there are very few. Here's what I found.

I thought this card was cute. I found it on Pinterest but the blog it was linked to no longer exists. I can tell you that they used the Zombie cartridge and My Pink Stamper stamp set. 

Here's a cute idea... skull streamers. And you could do this with the heart and the other symbol (what is that called anyways? LOL). Cute idea.. again... no blog linked. But if you click on the pic it will take you to the pinterest pinner where I found it. 

This is super cute! Never thought to use a zombie cartridge for Valentines Day. But it's cute. LOL.. and I actually found a link to a blog. Click on the pic to see the post of the card She has some other really cute stuff. Visit her site at Sara W Andrews

And one more.. You'll find this one at Project Center. There are step by step instructions on how to make it. It's actually pretty cute too. Maybe I'll make it just for fun. 

Well... that's all I got for you today. Not every cartridge speaks to us. This one wasn't quite my style. But I did find some cute things it could be used for. Tomorrow is another Wednesday... new images to choose from. Can't wait to see what they are.

Still wanting to find out how to do a linking party. I want to see what others are making.
Happy Crafting!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Craft Room Transformation (Part 2)

Happy Sunday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I've been sick for several days but have been fighting it off. Today it has me whipped. So I am in bed. I thought I would share this quick post with you today.

Remember this pic I showed you in Part 1?

One of the things I love about woodworking (there are MANY)... is that I can use my love for woodworking to help make useful organizing tools for my craft room. See the cut little pink shelf that I have my glitter glue and inks on? Guess who made that? Yep... I did! This was a quite simple project. Took no time at all. Used scrap wood and I have found it very useful.

I have these little baskets that I've been using and they sit in one of the shelves on my cubes. As you can see, they aren't very effective. And since they sit in a cubby hold I never can see what I have.

Another issue with storing them in this basket is... out of sight, out of mind. I'm one of those that forgets what all I have. And I commonly forget about these guys. 

It was quite simple to make. I measured the height of the items that I wanted to store and the number of shelves and that gave me my dimensions. I had scraps of 1x2's so I just used what I had on hand. I LOVE creating things without having to go buy materials. 

I added a little glue to each end, clamped them together and then used a nail gun to secure them. There's not a lot of weight on this shelf so this is more than sufficient. 

As far as the finish... this poor guy actually seen many stages. This part of the process took more time than anything. I stained it and decided that I didn't want that. Then I thought I'd do that distressed look. So I painted it black and then pink over that and hand sanded the edges and a few other spots. It turned out kinda cool actually. Made it look aged. But it wasn't the look I was looking for either. So in the end I just added another coat of pink paint. I love this color and you will be seeing it again and again as I make more pieces. Only thing I don't like about it is that it is a gloss finish. I prefer satin. But they didn't have this color in satin. 

I can't wait to share more with you as I complete my craft room. I recently decided to make a big change from what I have now. So I am excited to get those changes made and share them with you. 

Thanks for stopping by. As always I appreciate your feedback and comments. Would love to hear from you about storage solutions you have come up with. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Halloween Sign with this weeks Free Images

So… I've finally got my computer set up and my Expression 2 up to date and working. It's so nice to have it connected to a computer again. I am so totally lost without Cricut Craft Room. I love that program so much.

So here is this weeks project I made using the Free Images. I'd like to try and make a new project every week with the Free Cuts. It's really a nice program that Cricut offers and lets you try out cartridges without having to buy them.

I took this little frame that I got from Goodwill for $1 to make a cute little Halloween frame. I took the glass out because I couldn't get a decent pic without all the glare. And again… still using my phone camera. It's hard to get really good pics.

This weeks Free Images are from the cartridge Classroom: October & November. I was so surprised that when I did a google search and a search on Pinterest and even on Cricuts projects page that there really weren't any projects. I need to find out how to do a link party going so that I can see what everyone else can do with this free cut.

Click on the first image to take you to the Free Images page and click on the second pic to take you to this cartridges Digital Handbook. I will try to find out tonight how to do the link party. Maybe we can see some of your  projects.

I created this project in Cricut Craft Room but it would be very simple to do straight from your Cricut. My frame is 8x10. One tip I'll give is that I used the ghosts from the Project tab and cut them apart for the Happy Halloween title. This way I could make them a separate color.

Can't wait to make my next project. May be making some more signs. Not sure yet. What would you guys like to see?

I've had fun the last two days making these projects. So glad to have my room set up! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are there any Imagine users out there?

Just a quick post today. While getting my new craft room sorted I paused for a while last night to do some quick projects. I also had some company over and I was showing them Cricut Craft Room and how it worked. I noticed something odd. While I haven't hooked my Imagine up and updated it yet I noticed some cartridges that weren't familiar to me in my "My Cartridges" filter. I thought it was interesting and noticed another but figured they were part of the free images of the week.

So today… I get on and I do more of a search. There are SEVENTEEN cartridges in "My Cartridges" that I've never linked. What's up with that? Where did they come from? I wondered if they were free because they've discontinued it but not all the cartridges are there. Does anyone have any info about this?

Oh… and here are the signs I made last night. Bad lighting. Used my phone. But I love how they turned out. Will be doing a tutorial on them soon.

I just love how these guys turned out.

Please let me know if you have any info on those cartridges. I LOVE some of them. A few are ones I would  have loved to have bought. If they are a limited time I want to get some things made. :)

Have a great day!